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He was born in Edirne, Turkey in July, 1996 and he studied Veterinary Medicine at Ankara University, in Ankara, Turkey. He wrote his graduation thesis about Common Characteristics of Papillomvirus Infections and their Oncogenic Effects in cattle and human. He was an Erasmus Exchange Student in 2016-2017 at Free University of Berlin, Berlin Germany. He did an Internship in 2018 at University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover with focus on preparing Tumor Cell Cultures and control the cells after the treatment with some antitumoral drugs, in Hannover, Germany. He can speak German, English and Turkish.

DNA Viruses and  Iimmunological reactions against Virus-Related Cancers are subjects that he is mostly interested in and they are his basic research areas. He especially did detailed research about immunological reactions on skin during viral, bacterial and fungal infections and Virus Related cancers.

He had concentrated on studying cell-mediated immune responses against Papillomavirus infections and to researching the influence of chronic  inflammation Virus-Related cancers and Cell Differentiation. In August 2019 he will start his P.h.D. in Medical Faculty of the Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf, Germany.