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I come from Argentina, where I obtained my Bachelor degree in Biotechnology from the National university of Quilmes. There I joined the Laboratory of Immunology and Virology of the university for my thesis work, which focused on the optimization of a probiotic bacterium to induce an immune response against Rotavirus. Soon before my graduation, I started working at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, during the Ebola emergency in 2014, where I helped in the development of a molecular diagnosis method to detect the virus in the blood of patients. Then I collaborated in the epidemiological surveillance of Hantavirus throughout the country, as part of the Reference Laboratory for Hantaviruses.

In 2018, I moved from Argentina to Germany taking part in a binational Master course in Infection Biology between the Hannover Medical School and the Catholic University of Cordoba. I performed my Master thesis in the Institute for Experimental Virology of TWINCORE, centre for experimental and clinical infection research. The research focus of my Master thesis was the interplay between the Hepatitis C virus assembly and the cellular lipid metabolism.