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Driven by her curiosity, Isabelle has always been interested in the various fields of science, from astronomy to medicine. She recently graduated in Pharmacy and Biochemistry at the University of São Paulo, in Brazil. During her early years of graduation, she had the opportunity to work in a laboratory of molecular biology and microbial ecology, in a project to characterize the gene expression of two genes of a bacterium.

However, it was during her undergraduate final thesis that she found a new challenge and passion: bioinformatics. She started this process at CSBL – Computational Systems Biology Laboratory. Her project consisted of analyzing transcriptomic data from different studies, comparing patients under Malaria infection with health people, to find and better understand potential molecular mechanisms underlying malaria infection.

At the end of her project, she realized that bioinformatics unites fields she has always liked, such as molecular biology, immunology, math, and physics.

In 2017, she did an exchange at Sorbonne University, Paris, to study Life Sciences. She loves meeting new cultures and learning new languages, as well as studying different programming languages. She also enjoys playing sports, playing piano and traveling.

In September, she will start her Ph.D. in Microbiotec srl, in Siena, and will be able to do, among other activities, what she likes most: systems biology. Her greatest dream is to make a positive impact on humanity without creating a negative impact for the planet.