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The overall aim of VacPath project is to create a new generation of save vaccine vectors that can be exploited to vaccinate against C. trachomadis, and can be adapted to vaccinate against further intracellular pathogens of choice. Moreover, this project will educate a new generation of scientists that, through the offered, integrated training, will be ready to enter the European task force, in academia or industry, to find creative solutions to future pathogens-imposed challenges.
Early Stage Researcher (ESR) will design and construct innovative and safe virus-, bacterium, and plasmid-based vaccine vectors that induce both cell-mediated and humoral immunity, to control infections with intracellular pathogens. They will test these vaccines and improve their efficacy in preclinical models of C. trachomatis infection, and unravel the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the induction of protective immune responses, to uncover possibilities for general vaccine vector optimisation.