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The Network will act under a strong and well-organised management structure, encompassing the following bodies: The Coordination Team, the Work Package Leaders (WP Leaders), the External Advisory Board (EAB), the Supervisory Board (SB), and the Junior Scientific Board (JSB).

The Coordination Team will be composed of the Project Coordinator (Utrecht University) and the Project Management Office (Sclavo Vaccines Association). The Team’s primary function will be the management of the VacPath network, as well as the development and implementation of the Project plan and risk management plan. A Project Manager (SVA) will be responsible of day-to-day administrative management. The Coordinator (UU) and the Project Manager (SVA) will work closely together.

The Supervisory Board oversees the consortium’ scientific, management, training and dissemination activities as well as ethical issues. The External Advisory Board will advise the consortium. Work Package Leaders will coordinate projects within their WP, the Coordination Team will coordinate projects between WPs, and will be responsible for the overall coordination of network activities.